Top Card Processors for High Risk Industries



Top Credit/Debit Cards Payment Processing for High Risk Businesses

In this guide for credit and debit card processing for small and medium online businesses that fall under High Risk Businesses, we will discuss the various providers that allow you to accept credit and debit cards processing online costs from your customers.

1- EasyPayDirect (Low and High Risk Merchants)

  • No Monthly-Fee.
  • Setup-Fee (One-Time Affordable).
  • Reliable for High Risk Industries
  • Click Here to sign up and get a custom discount

Easy Pay Direct is without a doubt one of the best payment processing solutions for those with higher risk businesses. Can't recommend them enough.

Check TopGateways Free guide on how to start with: Easy Pay Direct 

2- ShiftProcessing (Low and High Risk Merchants)

  • No Monthly-Fee  (still confirming).
  • No Setup-Fee (still confirming).

Shift Processing provides a full suite of services for small, mid-sized to large retail business, chain stores, franchises, restaurants and dealerships, including nationwide credit and debit card processing, check guarantee, loyalty/gift card programs, QuickBooks plugins, POS systems, as well as on-the-go smart phone and tablet solutions. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff works closely with our merchants to determine which of many services available today are best suited to their business needs.

It’s the right time for a better way. A better way to do your own business; a better way to easily get paid. That's why we have assembled everything on our website in this industry to play our role in the new era of the online payments. Fairer, Simpler, well-organized and more efficient for you and everyone.

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