Start with CoinPayments Business Crypto Processor Merchant to Accept Payments via Cryptocurrencies



Suitable for Website Owners, Influencers, Bloggers, Digital Marketers, Freelancers, Startups, Small and Medium Businesses

👉 In this guide for Crypto Payments Processing for website owners, startups, influencers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, freelancers, small and medium companies, we will discuss how to start accepting Crypto Currencies through CoinPayments Business and get paid in Crypto such as BitCoin BTC, Ethereum ETH, Binance BNB, Tron TRX, Shiba inu, Doge Coin, LiteCoin LTC, USDT, BUSD, Polygon Matic, Ripple XRP, and much more.

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🙏 CoinPayments is a multi Cryptocurrency wallet for major Blockchains that enables individuals and merchants to store, send, and receive cryptocurrency payments via the internet. CoinPayments support E-Commerce, E-Shops, Businesses, Online Websites and many more. TopGateway considers CoinPayments as a more of a digital payments platform than a wallet for crypto investors, holders and businesses.

        👍 Supports Personal and Business Accounts
        👍 No Setup-Fee
        👍 No Monthly-Fee
        👍 No Refund on Payments
        👍 Global Coverage
        👍 Reliable for Marketers, Influencers, Bloggers, Freelancers and Entrepreneurs
        👉 Fees: Approx. 0.5% Transaction Fee
        👍 Major Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains are accepted
        👍 Send, Receive, Request, Deposit, Swap and Withdraw
        👍 API Connections and ready-made Plugins
        👍 Click Here to sign up

How to start with CoinPayments Crypto Gateway?

    ⭐ Step1: ((getButton) #text=(Sign Up Now) #icon=(link) #color=(#2339bd)) 

    ⭐ Step2: Click on Sign up, choose Business account and fill in your details

    ⭐ Step3: Verify your E-mail and Login

    ⭐ Step4: Start your document Verification.

    ⭐ Step5: Congratulations! You are verified, and now you can start using CoinPayments Business Merchant Account as your Online Crypto Payments Gateway, Online Cryptocurrencies transactions, Get your Free Crypto Wallet Number on Major Blockchains for Free.

How to Use CoinPayments Crypto Merchant Gateway?

    ⭐ Step1: ((getButton) #text=(Login Now) #icon=(link) #color=(#2339bd)) 

    ⭐ Step2: Click on Login and fill in your details

    ⭐ Step3: As you can see below in the Top Gateways CoinPayments photo, your CoinPayments Dashboard will show with each and all the Crypto Balances (in case you have a Crypto Balance inside your CoinPayments Account)

    ⭐ Step4: Go to Coin Settings to configure which Coins you would like to Accept through CoinPayments. You can enable a Discount on your Crypto Payments or make it like -2% in order to add a 2% fees on each crypto coin payment.

    ⭐ Step5: Go to Your Wallet to see your Available Cryptocurrencies Balance! You can Deposit, Withdraw, Swap, Transfer and check each coin history as show below.

    ⭐ Step6: Share your opinion with Top Gateways through leaving your comments below to help everyone to easily accept online crypto payments.

 We recommend this payment gateway as a reliable solution for your online business. (alert-success)

Feel Free to comment below with your experience.

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